Monday, September 19, 2011


Yesterday when I visited my Mom she told me I was getting old.
Yes, my mother tells it like it is. 
And lately she's telling it a little too often.

I showed her this picture of us. 
She insisted that I "doctored it up" and somehow gave her more wrinkles. 
She told her nurse that I was sneaky.
I insisted that there was absolutely no doctoring going on. No sneakiness either.

Her hand held mine for many years. 
I'm glad to hold hers now.
Even though she thinks I'm sneaky. 

And old.


  1. Dear Sneaky (and Old),
    That is a very sweet picture.

    Also Old (and Sneaky as well)

  2. Mom's DO tell it like it is TOO OFTEN!! ;-) Nice shot!