Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's always nice...


We were very prepared for this game. 
In his usual fashion someone complained about  all the damn stuff you keep shoving into the backseat the clutter.
I just let him rant...he eventually settles down.

I wore my comfy shoes, I found my lucky socks, and it worked.

We enjoyed a beautiful day with the MollDoll, all her neighbors, and friends.

My banners now have a permanent place on her balcony.
And our tailgating days are over...
although all the same activities seemed to carry on in her garage and driveway.

(Molly and her roomie Kayley from New Jersey)

Oh...the game was fun too.

I think BigDaddy and I will resemble these two very soon.
I love seeing the older fans..sometimes they're the loudest.

The student section is a sea of blue this year...

We had a great time. LawyerBoy and Carolyn drove in for the game.
There was no breaking down of tents, folding chairs, disposing of leftovers, or cooking on a tiny propane fueled mini grill.
Leftovers were stored in a real refrigerator!
Life was good last Saturday.

And on another note...
My daughter-in-law Carolyn is quite the shutterbug now. 
And if you'd like to know how to save money on the latest fashion,
visit Her Blog!

And thank you ladies for all the emails about my Mom.
We're both blessed by your thoughtfulness.


  1. Do they all wear the same colour each year?

  2. No, they change every year! Thanks for stopping by Weaver! : )