Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Wedding...Part Trois!

Trois I said!
{I always wanted to speak French..}

TeacherGirl and Bryan's reception was everything we hoped it would be.
Maggie was very nervous during the ceremony,
but I noticed her relax after the vows. 
So I relaxed to.

The bridal party boarded the trolley and headed to Grant Park for the awesome pictures 
you can see in the previous wedding post.
After my much needed lipstick application and a spritz of hairspray, 
we headed to the reception...

Cocktails were served on the Chicago River!
I wouldn't take a dip in that river, but it does make a pretty picture!

Little Anna did a wonderful job!

Ken Arlen did an unbelievable job also. 
The dance floor was packed the entire evening!

The introductions...

First dance...

Daddy-Daughter dance!

The toasts...

The MollDoll gave an awesome toast.
Prior to the wedding she asked Maggie's students what should their teacher do if Bryan misbehaved. 
The answers were "make him have a time-out"... and "buy Ms. Maggie lots of presents"
Great answers from the little ones!

LawyerBoy pipes with the Shannon Rovers and he surprised the bride and groom with a little performance...

The pipes brought out a wee bit of Irish dancing...

And high heels didn't seem to matter!

(That's my wedding cake topper!)

Thank you to everyone who put up with me for the past few months!
It was quite a relief to sit down, take my shoes off, and relax.

And thanks for sharing with me!

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  1. What a gala event!! Stunning photos and BTW you have a very handsome husband! ;-)