Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Autumn's coming...

I feel it in the air.
It's still hot and somewhat humid, but I can smell crayons, erasers, and glue.

My two daughter-in-laws are returning to their classrooms.
TeacherGirl returns soon to her preschool class, and my son Michael will soon return to his teenage students.

Summer is fading fast. 
I'm trying not to notice but I'm seeing the signs.

I've always felt sad when my kids returned to school. 
I was never happy buying school supplies in August and knowing summer was ending. 
It was always a bit depressing when stores started stocking the shelves with spiral notebooks 
and 64ct. crayons when I was still looking for a bathing suit that fit.

But the seasons are fast forwarding, and I'm trying to adjust.
I'm starting to say goodbye to my summer.
The pool has a tinge of green and I have no desire to toss in any chemicals.
I'm walking over weeds instead of pulling them.
And I've put away a few lawn chairs, and cleaned the bird feeders for winter.

Although I hate to admit it, I've been thinking of pumpkins.
And Halloween costumes. And filling my urns with gourds.
I'm nesting sooner than I usually do.

(last year)

I've also acquired an obsession for these fabric rosettes.
I've been cranking them out dailyThey look great on headbands or worn as pins.
(I stuck one on Cooper's collar but it seems to have disappeared.)

If you'd like to make a few, here's the link...Rosettes

Be careful, they're addicting!

I've been a little lost after TeacherGirl's wedding.
I mentioned this to my dear friend Pam...
and now I'll be helping her with her second grade class.
I'm excited. 

Pam taught all of my children, read at their weddings, and shared good times and bad with me. 
I'd like to give a little back to her.

And that's all I have for now. 
I apologize for the randomness and lack of flow in this post.
I'm blaming it on my post-surgical complications. 
I'm wondering how long I can use that excuse...hopefully I have another month.

Take care ladies.

"Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn."
  ~Elizabeth Lawrence

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  1. I know how you feel...the feeling lost after the wedding of your baby girl.It will get better :)

    Changing the subject, I want to add something to my blog, but I don't know how. IT's the section you titled "YOu might also like:" Would you walk me through it? Here's my email address: txterilis@verizon.net

    Thank you, Mary Elizabeth. Have a great day!