Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Wedding... Part Deux!

You didn't think I was done did you??
Our photographer Brad Meese took some beautiful pictures at the ceremony...
and here they are!

St. Vincent DePaul Church was a beautiful choice.
Both Maggie and Bryan met at DePaul University, and they joined the parish after graduation.

Frank escorting Grandma down the aisle!
He took his job quite seriously!

My boys...

Ashton and Anna were very serious too.
(Notice the pillow is upside down!)

Cindy, the lovely MOG escorted by her hubby Ken...

These two chuckled all the way down the aisle!
No tears, just giggles!

Lighting the Unity candle...once again I was sure I'd set something aflame, 
but I've had plenty of practice and nothing caught fire. 
Thank You God.

St. Vincent DePaul does not allow any floral arrangements. 
The beauty of this cathedral doesn't need any enhancement!

The vows...

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Falato...

Michael and Margaret!
Wasn't their wedding just yesterday? It's almost two years!

Back on the trolley and off to Grant Park for more photos...

And off to the reception...


  1. Such beautiful pictures! I love looking at them MB!

  2. The pictures are lovely! The Bride and Groom (and their parents) all look so happy! The church windows are gorgeous! Looks like some good times on that trolly!

  3. Absolutely magical! I love your dress, by the way!

  4. I LOVE weddings. The dresses, shoes, flowers, and all things pretty!

  5. Nothing like a Catholic wedding :)