Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Wedding...

...did I tell you it was beautiful?

I'm sure I did, but here's a few pre-ceremony pics to prove it.

We were quite excited when the flowers started to roll in!!
(Yes, that's my excited face!)

~~( the following photos are courtesy of the very talented Brad Meese)~~

TeacherGirl's wedding was in the heart of Chicago, so I did miss having pictures of Maggie at our home. 
But I have to admit, we were treated like royalty at the Westin River North. 
And having a weekend of room service wasn't bad. 

My friend Larry at Bloomingfields did a beautiful job.
Maggie loves everything pink, so I knew her flowers would be gorgeous and very pink!

Little Anna's basket...

That's my pink rose bouquet on the left! I was quite excited to have my own bouquet!! 
It's been a long time since I carried one.

I've pinned many a flower on this guy throughout the years!

Of course the boys needed help...some things never change.

Carolyn took care of the groom...does he look nervous?
I think he looks calm...and very happy to be marrying our TeacherGirl!

Bryan and his childhood friend Jack, now the Best Man!
Time flies.

Waiting for the trolley...

Flower girl Anna couldn't wait to walk down the aisle...

Heading to the church...

A few of Maggie's last single girl pictures!

And we're on our way...

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  1. Beautiful! Such fantastic shots! Congratulations!

  2. Congrats to the bride and groom! Gorgeous photos.

  3. A beautiful bride and a lovely wedding. I enjoyed seeing such lovely photographs. Best wishes to everyone!

  4. What a beautiful bride and attendents. Gorgeous photos of all. Congratulations. V

  5. How wonderful! The girls are all beautiful. Maggie is a beautiful bride. Everyone is so happy! What a wonderful time you shared with us. Congratulations!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing these incredibly beautiful pictures!!! What a wonderful time you must have had! Cathy

  7. What a beautiful bride!!! Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures -- they are just filled with joy! xoxo

  8. I enjoyed seeing your daughter's wedding photos, brought back happy memories of our 2 girls when they got married.
    Beautiful dresses and flowers.

  9. Congratulations to the bride and groom. My son's wedding was last week and I have not received any photos from the photographer. I hope they are as lovely as yours. Everyone looked beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Take care, Jen.

  10. Such a gorgeous bride!!! congrats from TN. Those pink bridesmaid dresses were out of this world!!! Great photos!!! Have a beautiful week!!!

  11. What a day! Thanks for sharing this moments!
    Have a nice week,

  12. Beautiful!! Everyone looks so happy!

  13. So happy to see wedding pictures that capture the fun. Looks like the Bride and Groom had a great time and a beautiful day! Congratulations to them.

  14. Everything is beautiful...great choice of gown and flowers!

  15. What gorgeous photos and that trolley is so cool! Did you rent it?

  16. You can rent anything in Chicago Jillsy...I'm sure you remember that!! We rented it for the Bachelorette party too.

  17. Beautiful! Love the one of you two together. And how fun to ride a trolley to the wedding!

  18. Hi from another empty nester that sends out random tweets! Your wedding pics are devine and I adore looking at photos of weddings being a bit snap happy myself. congrats to the couple and it looked so gorgeous and a happy feast of memories.


  19. Beautiful pictures! Thanks everyone for saying how pretty
    I am ;)