Thursday, July 21, 2011

All things considered... is what you make it.

It's been a very long week here in the 'burbs.

My surgery was a success, and the word grateful is being thrown around. A lot.
I'm not a newbie to surgery, but that doesn't mean I was prepared (or serene) about the procedure. 
I'm glad it's behind me.

I've been blessed lately.

The weddings have been awesome, and adding new family members to our clan has been a great gift. 
We needed some new talent!
Growing up, my immediate family was very small, and I  dreamed of having a large one.
Thanks to the past three weddings, my dreams have materialized.

But just like most families, bad things have happened.
Losing my friend Lisa has had a profound effect on how I see things.
It's impossible to be angry, or self absorbed when you've seen a friend suffer.
My thoughts of Lisa forced me to put one foot in front of the other and move.
I felt her presence the entire time I struggled. 
And I felt her scream at me raise me up when I started to wallow a little.

Life is far from perfect. Things happen. 
Having people to hold your hand, and make you laugh is a damn good gift.

The flowers were a nice touch too.


  1. I'm glad you are healing well after your surgery. The get well flowers are beautiful. And the cookies look tasty too. You really are blessed with a lot of people who care about you.

  2. So glad it's all behind you now and you don't have to worry about what "could have happened"!

    That photo of Cooper is precious! And love those cookies!!

  3. Yes we must be thankful if we weigh the bad against the good and the scales tip in favour of the good.

  4. Beautiful post, full of so much truth and encouragement. Love the photos (especially that half-gone cookie!) and also the banners in your next post! Glad you're back!