Thursday, June 9, 2011


...wasn't it?

I thought I'd pull out my wedding dress and whip up a handkerchief for TeacherGirl's wedding. I really shouldn't use the term "whip up" because these hands are kind of slow lately. I thought it would be nice if her "something old" was made from my dress.

It's been awhile since I looked at my dress.
I had it preserved after my wedding, but two little girls were just itching to punch a hole in that sealed, air tight box. No one will admit to it, but I have a feeling I know who it might be.

Just a feeling.

The lace is yellowed and torn, and the buttons are hanging by a thread.
But it seems like yesterday I was wearing it. 

It was a great dress, we danced to the Doobie Brothers, Billy Joel, and Barry Manilow. 
After the reception I hung that dress in a teenie tiny closet in our teenie tiny apartment.

I thought life could never get better than that.
But it did...

And it continues.


  1. what a touching post! your dress is beautiful. i'm sure it will hurt to put scissors to it.

  2. loved this post - my dress is sealed up tight too, but I'm the one itching to see it again, especially after reading this. what a sweet idea to make a handkerchief from it!

  3. When marriages work well it is the best thing in the world isn't it? I have had two and both have been blissful - first one for forty years and this one for eighteen.

  4. I just reread this post...
    I never ended up cutting it, I just couldn't!
    I've decided to wait for a grandbaby, and then I'll make something out of it. Maybe.