Sunday, May 22, 2011

Give a man a power washer...

...and stay out of the way.

BigDaddy hasn't changed much through the years.
He always loved to clear the decks, any sort of deck. 
We were a little bored and spent some time looking around Lowe's last week.

I've cut back on my usual flower purchase. 

After thirty plus years as a homeowner, I've finally realized my capabilities. 
I am not capable of taking care of flowers. 
I forget to fertilize, and I forget to water. Obviously these two chores are necessary, and I acknowledge my shortcomings. I'm not ashamed to admit that I am not a gardener

So, when I spotted the ENDLESS SUMMER hydrangeas, I limited myself to only two pots.
I vow to put up with nurse them daily. 

We didn't go home too empty handed from Lowes... we bought a power washer.

I'm so excited!  Just kidding. 
But the man is happy. Oh so happy...and busy!

It's a beautiful Sunday here in Chicago, and after so many weeks of dreary skies we were grateful 
to spend a day outside.
I potted the few hydrangeas I thought I could handle, and I have to admit...less is more for me this year.
I also bought a mandevilla vine. I'm praying it isn't too needy.

After so many months of dreary midwest weather, we finally see the sun.

And even though it's Spring and our feathered friends have a bounty to choose from, 
I still like to add a little more to their stash.

Of course their 5 am chirping is not appreciated.

I hope your weekend was beautiful...
and please keep Lisa in your prayers.


  1. Congratulations on the great weather! You deserve it! Lisa's in my prayers.

  2. Please tell if BD is happy with that power washer. My hubs bought one from Sears a few weeks ago(he had done LOTS of research first) and decided on that one because of the type of engine it had, and how many whatevers it had to the whatever (PSI I think it's called), and what happens, it doesn't work properly. The easy pull start, well, NOT so easy, even for my hunk of a husband.

    And also, please tell, how do the birds get into those jars??

    Always prayers from here in the South!