Thursday, April 28, 2011

We should slow down...

...just a little.

While mapping out my time frame for TeacherGirl's wedding, it never occurred to me that I may need a few extra days.
I didn't plan on spending time in the hospital, trying my best to sleep on uncomfortable sheets, and wondering how I could wash my hair in that little white sink.
And taking a trip to Florida two days after coming home? 
Not my greatest idea.

It was a tad crowded.

Lying in bed while Carolyn's mom cooked Easter dinner wasn't my greatest moment either...but thank you Rosaire. 
I owe you. 
Everyone enjoyed the feast.

Things happen. Neighbors pitch in. Families rally.
Easter didn't turn out as I planned, but it was a great day.
I'm still dealing with my health, still facing some uncomfortable tests, and still planning a wedding. 

But I'm home, resting on my own sheets, and praising God for dual shower heads, and fresh fruit.

And those pink and green place cards?

They'll get done.
If not, I'll just tell everyone where to sit. I'm good at that.

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