Monday, April 25, 2011


Easter in Florida was quiet, sunny, and very casual.
My health is improving after a little setback this past weekend.
Carolyn and her lovely mother Rosaire took over the kitchen and prepared quite a meal.
I can't thank them enough for making Easter dinner happen.
We managed to get a little shopping done too!

LawyerBoy tried his best to catch a fish, but no luck.
He flew home today with a sunburn, and without any fish tales to tell.

At least he has Carolyn to bring back with him.

We have a resident bald eagle who seems to love the golf course.
He's somewhat camera shy but I managed to get at least one shot worth posting...

We enjoyed a little beach, a few sunsets, and lots of laughs.

Fric and Frac have decided our lake is the place to hang.
They waddle up to our porch looking hungry and forlorn.
And they waddle away with a belly full of bread.

Blessings were abundant.
I hope everyone had a blessed holiday.

I'll be back soon...

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