Friday, January 28, 2011

There's a man in my pool...

It seems we have quite a few leaks that needed attention.
I thought the pool would be drained, but things are done differently here.

I love Florida.

He did mention how cold it was here....cold?

The high 60's are tropical in my book.
The 70's make me sweat. I'm quite happy with the weather.

The mornings here are busy...not for's the birds. 

They pose, they squawk, and they look at me funny.
They stare me down...and they always win.

My camera is back and I'm grateful for that.
It seems that sand and high winds (while riding on the back of a scooter)
aren't a good thing for a camera.
So I guess this is the only picture I'll ever have of BigDaddy's head on the causeway...I'm noticing a little more gray.

My furry children continue to enjoy themselves, although their love of rawhide has become an addiction.
I suppose that makes me an enabler.
But they're my only company at the moment.

(Hurry on down Lisa...I'm getting a little loopy)

Not to mention fat.