Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday, Monday

After watching the Bears play in the cold (and losing), I was grateful to wake up in sunshine. We had a great time with the neighbors and we tried our best to give them a small taste of Chicago.

BigDaddy is on his way home, but he'll return soon.
The dogs and I will continue to soak up the sun while he toils away.

I'm a very s-l-o-w crafter.

I have managed to crank out a banner or two, but it's the quilt that may put me in an early grave.

But I'm trying. I've learned to give myself realistic goals.
I'm planning to complete this quilt by 2013.

( my realistic goals are a good thing )

And on a sweet note...

I never thought the sight of an ash tray on my lanai would make me smile...

My neighbor Shirley (I know she shouldn't smoke), decided she spends enough time here and should leave her own ash tray with me.
I prefer she leave a towel...but hey, this will do.

Have a lovely week ladies!


  1. Ahh...Cooper! Enjoy the warm breezes while the rest of us have cold tootsies!

  2. That's a quilt being used as a dog bed!!
    My dogs think they're people.