Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Look what I found...

My kitchen sink sprouted a major leak, and I was forced to clear out eighteen years worth of life from the cabinet below. Behind the cleaning supplies I discovered three used SOS pads AND my bread machine! 
I dusted it off, and placed it on the counter.

The machine mocked me for a few days. It sat on the counter, taking up way too much space, begging me to throw in flour and yeast, and give it a whirl.

I didn't.

And then my son saved the day. The kids stopped by for dinner and LawyerBoy spotted the machine. 
He isn't very culinary, I think it was the electrical cord and the shiny buttons that interested him.

He baked a loaf of bread. 
Dill bread!! He looked up a recipe! 
He put cottage cheese in it!

Oh Carolyn, you are one lucky girl. Lucky. So lucky.

If you have a bread machine lurking somewhere in your kitchen, you may like this DILL BREAD RECIPE

(We found it quite yummy.)


  1. That's kind of funny. My faucet sprung a leak last week and I had to empty under my sink! No bread machine there though....