Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tailgating...sort of...

Saturday was our last tailgate for this season. 

On a PREVIOUS POST I explained how our MollDoll loves us, yet needs to spread her social wings and sprinkle other tailgates with her loveliness (she likes to ditch us and sample other people's food.)

But this time we were completely Molly-less. It seems she decided to remain in Ann Arbor and cheer for another team. Horrifying. Terribly disappointing.

No MollDoll to hug. It was awful. But we made do.

We spent our time with my nephews who brought this monster to South Bend. 

My nephew is engaged to the daughter of Pittsburgh's head coach. He was obviously here to cheer for the opposing team, but we remained true to Notre Dame. That didn't stop us from resting in this lovely air conditioned apartment on wheels. Nor did it stop us from eating the burgers flawlessly prepared by the driver of this vehicle. The full size fridge kept our Chardonnay and brie chilled quite nicely...

I mean beer and subs. {It was easy to get lost in the fantasy.} 

I missed the MollDoll. The weather was a tad too warm. And I wasn't in a picture-taking mood. But Notre Dame won!! My burger wasn't sloppily cooked and served cold! And I rested comfortably on a couch with leather like buttah!

Yes Molly we missed you. But we made it through. 
Don't worry about us. 
We're fine. 

Just fine. 

Notre Dame 23
Pittsburgh 17

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