Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I have to move...

I'm thinking of a farmhouse somewhere.
Perhaps something with a moat??

This morning I was innocently watching my boys do their morning business, {I'm talking about my dogs}. 
And suddenly I hear a voice utter words so vile, I stood there speechless, in my polka dot jammies and slippers. 

"Kind of early for Halloween isn't it?"

Yes, that's what she said...and she kept on running.

Now I really don't trust anyone who wears spandex, runs, and has the nerve to enter my cul de sac. So I confess, even if she said "You look so cute in polka dots!" I still would have hated her. But she didn't say that. She had the nerve to criticize my tasteful decor. Just in case you think I've got skeletons and caskets on the lawn, here's what I have outside...

That's it.

Other than my snarling pumpkin, I believe everything else is tastefully autumnal and not Halloween-ish. I always wait until October 1st to display the scary stuff.

Unfortunately I'm never good with a quick retort. By the time my morning brain thought of something clever, she was gone. That's probably a good thing. With my luck I would have said something nasty only to find out she lives across the street...and is married to the police chief.


I won't move.
I'll get over it...eventually.

I'm just very proud of my family, my friends, my furry animals, and my seasonal decor.

And by the way Ms. Spandex...don't come trick or treating at my door.
I've put you on the toothbrush list.
Just keep on running girlie!