Saturday, July 24, 2010

Are we in Kansas???

Oh My!!

While I was comfortably snoozing in my bed, it seems the weather was creating a little chaos in the backyard...

We put up the tailgate tent because the record-setting heat made it impossible to sit around the table...bad idea I guess. It looks like I have some cleaning up to do today.

BigDaddy put the potted flowers back on the table!!? 
I wish he would have kept on tidying up a little more, but all my men have irregular brain patterns. They try, but they're easily distracted and just can't follow through as quickly as I'd like.

At least we didn't lose "Toto" in the storm... Cooper took a canine inventory of all the damage. Poor Ozzie is still having tremors under my bed, he's not too adventurous. He's still having 4th of July flashbacks.

My umbrella thankfully fell the right way on the deck, and avoided any window  breaking.

My favorite chair is in the pool...

And all my lovely, inflatable pool toys can now be found somewhere in the next community. Hope the neighbors are enjoying them. 
I don't think I'll be able to replace that pink hippo too easily.

Just yesterday Lisa and I were leisurely floating in the pool under sunny skies.
I'm glad we were able to do that...she's going to be very upset about the pink hippo. I'll be frantically searching for a replacement today.

Unfortunately my clematis took a major hit...

The funniest thing is...

my CROCS!!!
Ugly as they may be, and although my girls refuse to walk beside me when I'm wearing them...they did not move from the deck...not an inch.
They stood the course, and I respect that in a shoe.
This pair would have cried like babies...

I'm hoping the remainder of my weekend is calm.
LawyerBoy is driving to St. Louis for a wedding. I hope he's somehow avoiding the storm. The men in my family never stop for bad weather. They plow right through whiteouts, torrential rain, and tornado-like skies. Hopefully his soon-to-be better half will be able to cure him of this habit. I'm counting on her to change quite a few habits!

I am grateful this happened this week and not next weekend...Our First Annual In-Law Party is scheduled next week! More on that later...

And how's the weather in your part of town??

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  1. today in nj its about 100! last night there was a tornado warning.