Wednesday, June 9, 2010

One more wedding moment...

Margaret's photographer just sent me a few more pictures from the wedding...I think this one is my favorite....although I love every one of them!! 
Last week was MICHAEL'S BIRTHDAY and I was reminded how fast the time never think like that while in the midst of dirty diapers and science projects.

I couldn't wait for my children to grow up, and when they did I began wishing for the old days...



  1. isn't that so true! can't wait for them to grow up now we wish they were little again! I love this picture too! what a handsome couple.

  2. I know the feeling. I won't make that same mistake with my grandchildren. I am soaking in every minute!

    Gorgeous picture of the wedding couple.

    So sorry I haven't been here for so long. Every time I tried to view your blog,(I use Firefox), it wouldn't load. Now I just opened it in IE. Goofy computers...

  3. My son also had trouble with my blog using Firefox.
    Do you think it's something on my end?
    Hope not...I'm clueless in that area!
    Glad you're back!!

  4. Fantastic picture of the couple! Her dress is beautiful!