Friday, June 4, 2010

Good Morning....I think it's Friday!?

On Wednesday I told Lisa to have a good weekend...and this morning I thought I was late for church...I realize now that it isn't Sunday...but that didn't stop me from having my Sunday breakfast special...maybe it's the sugar overload that has me confused?


Maybe it's time to admit I'm getting older..?

I'm trying to remember how old I was when I began to lose track of my days...
I don't remember.
I do remember how irritated I'd get when my mother started confusing her days and forgetting things...I think she was about my age...{nothing like a little dose of karma to brighten the morning}.

{My Mom is on the left with her Italian peeps. This was my wedding day...Mom was in her mid-fifties here. She FORGOT to bring her checkbook to pay for my Big Fat Italian Wedding...she also FORGOT her purse at the church. I blame this on a forgetful gene that she obviously passed on to me...although I wouldn't disagree if you thought she was trying to work Mr. Rosetti for a better deal on the cannoli} Aren't they cute!?

Having an empty nest means there's very few reasons to remember what day it is. There's no orthodontic appointments, no Little League, wrestling meets, or band practice...there are no projects due that involve live chicks, worms, or gerbils either...{I'm starting to feel better}.

There aren't any post-it notes reminding me to buy flowers for the prom... and there's no student council pancake breakfasts {I'm thinking the lack of pancakes might be what depresses me the most}.

It's a whole new chapter now...I'm realizing that. 
I get it...I'll try to embrace it.
I'll try to accept my empty nest, my memory flaws, and my lack of direction.
But when I start putting my pills in one of those plastic containers with the days of the week printed on top...please don't make fun of me. 
It's just a matter of time before you're swimming down the same river as one gets a pass.
So don't forget your life vest...or your pill box.  

{I love these}

Aging is what you make it....and today I find it a downer.
Tomorrow may be better.

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  1. I went a whole week feeling as though everyday felt like Friday haha...perhaps it was just wishful thinking???
    -LOVE your #1 fan