Saturday, June 5, 2010

Cake Tasting...Yum

I am amazed.
I had a wedding cake...once...a long, long, time ago.
My mother ordered it from Naples Bakery on the south side of Chicago.
She also ordered assorted pastries  and cookies for the required Italian sweet table. I let her handle that...I was not involved. I knew very little about pastry.
I weighed in at 104 pounds and red licorice vines were my main source of sugar.

Things are a little different now...
Today Lawyer-Boy drove me to HEAVEN where we met Carolyn and her mom for a little thing called cake tasting!!

But can I first tell you about my son's driving??...It scares me.
I'm a suburban girl, but my children live in the city. My driving isn't rushed, and I'm never really in a hurry...I get where I need to go, and I usually arrive calmly and without incident.

Lawyer-Boy drives like a bat out of hell. He talks to clients while jumping from one lane to another. He drives so close to the car in front of us that I can't see the license plate. He only keeps one hand on the wheel because the other hand is digging in his pocket for a breath mint...if I wasn't in such imminent danger I would have slapped him upside the head. And if he ever tells me to "chill" again, I will slap him...twice.

Now, back to the cake...

We met Carolyn and her lovely mama, Rosaire. 
Rosaire and I let the two lovebirds walk in front of us while we made comments like "They're so cute together"..."I just love your son"..."Oh, but I just love your daughter".
{And I'm quite sure that my son was telling his bride-to-be that he will never drive me anywhere ever again.}

Gerhard's is located in Lake Forest, it's a beautiful area and I would have loved to spend more time exploring, but there were desserts waiting for us. Chef Gerhard is Swiss and his creations are a work of art...and I do love my sweets...

Although Key Lime was not an option for a wedding cake, I tried it anyway. That little square sheet is a thin piece of melt-in-your-mouth white chocolate! I grabbed it before anyone else could...I'm stealth when it comes to food.

I eventually lost all track of time. I was in chocolate-rasberry-buttercream nirvana. I do not remember taking these pictures. 
I did notice that Lawyer-Boy seemed to go from smiling to sweating rather quickly...I'm not sure if it was the sugar, or the realization that they're buying a wedding cake...emphasis on the wedding part!
I'm only kidding... 

I'm sure it wasn't a fear of commitment...I'm positive it was sheer boredom. 
We sometimes forget that there are things our men do for us just because they love us. They do things they don't enjoy, they try hard to please us, but they just can't hide their true feelings. If I know my son, he was either thinking of a good steak, the White Sox...or beer. 
The women in this party were thinking of prettier things...edible things...

I think this was my favorite. I don't remember what it was, but it brought a tear of joy to my eye...

Hours later...
A cake was ordered...a bride and her mama were excited...and a mother-in-law to-be was feeling blessed. We left somewhat of a mess though... I think Carolyn called it sugar carnage!

All we really want for our children is happiness, and knowing that both of my sons have found the girls of their dreams makes this mama happy!

I was allowed a little browsing...

Carolyn was able to cross one more wedding chore off her list...and I know that made her happy...and Rosaire was happy because her daughter was happy.

We all left happy... very happy...and a little hyper thanks to the sugar.


  1. How fun!! Hope I'm invited to attend the cake tasting for my son's wedding too!! Thanks for sharing, Sue

  2. everything looks yummy! I love the picture of your son sweating! LOL

  3. You made me feel like I was right there with all of you without the calories. Oh I could use the calories did you bring anything home for dessert on Tuesday?

  4. Lisa...
    I didn't bring anything home...there was nothing left!
    We noticed them putting everything away and starting to close...we got the hint and went out to dinner!

  5. The cakes look so yummy, but I really had to laugh when I read about the driving. After spending 2 weeks on a road trip with my honey... let's just say I'm a great co-pilot! Enough Said!