Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Table Graffiti...A Good Thing

I have an old battered table on my porch...

This table has been around since 1985. I'd like to refinish it, make it look fresh, give it a new life.
But the memories are just too good...

Just like Michelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel, my little artists spent hours on their back, under this table...and to this mother, their work gives Mr. M a little competition. 
I did give them permission to be creative, although I do remember asking them to be nice...Maggie Loves Ethan Allen (He's Old)??...hmmm, it is funny...{that was written by Lawyer-Boy}. 
There's also quite a few classic phrases like "Mike loves so-and-so", "Jerry smells like poop"...the regular sibling compliments...

Everyone left their mark over the years...

I could never put a price on this table. I'm certain that way back when it was hard for me to let them do this. I was rather tightly wound strict when it came to creative expression involving furniture.

I know how cliche it is but...
I would give anything to go back to those days. 
If I could do it over I'd be right there on the floor with them. I'd be laughing until it hurt. I don't know exactly where I spent my time while all this fun was happening. Probably cleaning, organizing, writing to-do lists, clipping coupons...whatever I was doing, it was the wrong thing and I know that now.

But life is good...we have second chances. Although I can't go back with my own children, I can look forward to the day I have grandchildren. 
There's a table in my family room that's reserved for the next generation...and 
the markers are waiting in a kitchen drawer.

So I'm leaving this table alone.
It's a nice table.
It serves it's purpose.

Most people will see this table and wonder why I haven't replaced it.
I will never replace it...
When I look at it I'll always know what lies beneath.

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