Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mosaic Monday...Swapping Rooms

I posted awhile back about flip flopping my Dining Room and Living Room.
It made quite a bit of sense to me, the dining area was too small and the living room area was large and unused...but some people just can't wrap their head around change.
It turned out the way I hoped, and we now have a large space for entertaining around the holidays.

If you're interested in that post you can find it HERE 

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  1. What a cool mosaic. Such a good idea to have more room to gather around the table. Have a great week:)

  2. What a restful mosaic, despite all the things to look's all about the colour - or lack of it. Love it!

  3. Friends of ours did that exact thing. They made the living room the dining room because it had more room for their large family to gather for dinner. It works for them. Looks like it did for you too. Very nice. Valerie

  4. It sounds like a wonderful idea, and I just love your decor! Thanks for sharing at MM. :)

  5. What a good idea! I love your huge hutch and buffet and lots of nice things in it too.

  6. Great idea, lovely photos and mosaic!

  7. Love your mosaic and all the beautiful things being shown in it!

  8. I have contemplated doing that too. That really makes so much sense.

    Love your mosaic too.

    Best wishes,