Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Great Outdoors...

I'm always a little frightened when one of these arrives in my driveway...

It took an entire day to remove all the deer-eaten greenery from the yard. I woke up very early and found that the shrub fairy marked all the doomed evergreens orange. After my first cup of coffee I took another peek outside and the work had begun...

We're going to wait awhile before planting anything new. I was thinking those aluminum Christmas trees would work nicely. There are some "deer resistant" shrubs available but somehow I think our Chicago deer would have a good laugh while chewing on those.

Remember that lovely mess we tried to ignore?...

 It's gone!!

I'm just hoping all that beautiful mulch doesn't blow is a windy city!

On another note...

I am no longer a blonde. I needed a change too.
No picture yet...

Mary Elizabeth


  1. WOW! Ya'll are doing a major landscapeathon! Your mulch is beautiful, I would have taken a picture of it, too. Just watch out for spidey's. Eeeeeek! ;)

  2. At first I thought you were redoing something inside! take a picture of the hair!!

  3. Kimberly,
    I don't think I can take a picture of the hair...I hate it..hate it!!
    There's a frowning stranger in the mirror!!
    My daughter likes it though...she said I was getting too old to be blonde?!