Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Red Wednesday!...Let them Eat Cake!

This is around the time I start missing my Molly-Girl.
Summer break is getting closer, but the days seem to be dragging by for me.
 I thought I'd re-post Molly and her unbelievable Red Velvet Cake. She made this for us last Christmas, and I made it on Valentine's Day. I miss Molly, and yes...I also miss the cake...There aren't any rules on baking this in April are there??

If you'd like the recipe, just click...

Red Velvet Cake

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  1. My daughter will be home May 13th for the summer! I just posted her prom picture today! LOl go check it out.

  2. I won't see my son who is in college until the end of June, so I understand your sadness. However, the Red Velvet Cake certainly makes things a little easier to bear!!! Thanks for sharing.:)

  3. Thanks for stopping by!! YES, I still see her as a 3 year old!! LOL Even though she'll be 20 next month!

  4. Our daughter will be home from college May 8th. I can't wait! And can you believe that I've never ever had red velvet cake? I really need to change that, because it seems that everyone loves it, and I want to see what all the fuss is about!
    Happy REDnesday!

  5. That cake is super red! I bet it is also super delicious.

  6. Now how perfect is that for Valentine's Day. You a so fortunate to have the recipe in memory of someone special. Thanks for sharing!

  7. My goodness that cake looks absolutely delicious.Perfect for Rednesday!

  8. I've never seen such a red Red Velvet cake before! What kind of food coloring is used?

    I hope the days pass quickly until Molly gets home!

  9. What a gorgeous cake and gorgeous girl!