Friday, April 16, 2010

I'm home...and dizzy!!

I'm guessing I shouldn't have flown with an ear infection?! My head's in bubble wrap and my ears are making some lovely crackling noises....oh, and it hurts quite a bit too. But don't worry, I'm fine...really fine...fine...just fine.

My Ozzie dog was tickled to see me...and my yard has exploded with Spring!!
I'm sure the birds are singing, but I can't quite hear them in my current condition. 
I thought I'd take a few quick pics before I head to the doctor...I think I'll ask him to take out the stitches in my thumb too....It's wonderful to get old AND be a klutz.

...and of course I just had to get on the scale to see how much weight I've gained. I won't tell you, but it did bring a tear to my already teary eyes. It seems that when I'm in Florida I think I'm on vacation and therefore have free reign to consume large amounts of ice cream, lobster drenched in butter, and Hershey Kisses {often in that order}.

I have FIVE weddings coming up {two of which are my children's!}, not to mentions all the pre-wedding festivities...graduations...birthdays... 
Oh's not like anyone's going to focus on ME at any on these events...

1 comment:

  1. I'm lovin all the signs of spring in your pics.

    Hope you feel better soon.