Thursday, March 18, 2010


I know we're supposed to love all creatures great and small....yada yada yada, But squirrels always frightened me. My mother taught me many things as a child. She told me about strange men that lurk near the railroad tracks {she neglected to tell me that there are men who actually work on the railroad tracks and they aren't strange}
She told me how angels watch over me every minute of the day {I can't begin to tell you what that one did for me}
And she told me about squirrels... 
Squirrels were not God's creatures...they were rabid, lice-infested rats with furry tails. She wasn't too far off on that little tidbit, and I avoided trees whenever possible. Then I grew older and watching Christmas Vacation  increased my hate dislike for squirrels.

                         {you do remember that scene?}

  So, yesterday I awoke to a squirrel headfirst in my thin, cylindrical bird feeder. His little back legs were kicking madly back and forth because he was stuck! No I did not take a picture, although I thought about it for awhile a moment. I also thought about calling our Animal Control Center, but wait...weren't they the ones who would not remove the deer that impaled itself on our wrought iron fence last month?
I didn't think they'd help. So I called Lisa...

Now if you read my blog you'll know that Lisa is undergoing chemotherapy. When I stop by her house to drop something off, I tiptoe. When I feel like calling her I think about her she resting?...When I cook for her I worry about upsetting her stomach. But when there's a squirrel upside down in my bird feeder I could have bolted through her door.

She isn't home.

I know this post has quite a buildup, and I apologize that there's no big ending. 
Mr. Squirrel must have gotten out while I was cursing Lisa for not being home. 

I guess my point is that I do love all creatures great and small. It really did bother me to see him struggling. I really did want to help him...and yes I immediately covered the top of the feeder. I am not a squirrel-hating monster after all.

And this morning I took pictures of my furry friends...I'm really trying to appreciate them. look, he's eating all the expensive precious!

...aww, he's been here for hours, what a trooper!!

I'm sorry, this one just looks evil...

Mary Elizabeth

I'll keep working on it...I promise.

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