Monday, March 22, 2010

A Movie...some lunch...and Home Goods!

Nancy and I had a little bit of Girl Time today. Nancy's on Spring Break this's funny how Spring Break is a phrase with a totally different meaning when your a teacher rather than a student! We did manage to have some fun even though it didn't involve sand or suntan lotion.

We went to see a movie that neither of us enjoyed that much...

...I did enjoy the buttered popcorn and jumbo sized coke product though.

We spent a little time at Home Goods. For some reason I spent too much time 
in the pet aisle...

The organic pet toys looked interesting, and Nancy obviously loves her doggies
more thanI love mine...I did not buy anything for my furry boys at home...

And I did buy these for ME...

I'm not quite sure where to put them yet, but I'll find a place {I always do}.

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  1. I love Home Goods. Haven't been there in a long time. Just has well! :>)