Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Can it be??

Ozzie's filled with joy (or he has an itch) seems to be Spring here in my little corner of the world...

Cooper seems to agree...

I took a little walk around and noticed just a few things that made me smile...

Tomorrow I'll be headed to South Bend to pick up Molly for the Easter weekend. She's already had Spring break, so it'll just be a short weekend visit. Maggie is moving this Friday, and we'll be helping her with that. I'm also helping Carolyn organize and pack up Jerry's mess place so he can put it on the Spring market....wasn't my life supposed to get simpler when they got older? Perhaps I'm just too easy generous.
{Perhaps I just enjoy their company...or maybe need to find a life of my own!?}
Whatever my motivation is, I still enjoy being involved.
Anyone interested in a very small condo on the south side of Chicago?


  1. For me, we like to be needed and appreciated! Great pics! The dogs are adorable!

  2. Such cute doggies! Your landscape looks like mine, I know spring is coming, it is poking up here and there, but I want flowers now! My daughter is 22 in 2 weeks, and still has one more year of college. It really won't matter what her age she will always be my little girl, and I will be there. It is what us mom's do.