Monday, February 22, 2010

The weather outside is frightful....

   Hmmm...did I really complain about the chill in Florida? It seems my plane landed just in time! Lots of flights were cancelled or delayed after my arrival yesterday, and the snow just kept on coming.

   I also came home to a very unfortunate accident involving a deer and my wrought iron fence. Needless to say the deer had to be removed from the fencing and my firefighter/deer hunter cousin Ron, took care of the job with as much respect as possible. There are so many deer here and these accidents are becoming quite common. Our local Animal Control Center was not allowed to remove the animal from private property, so I'm grateful Ron was able to handle the accident.

   Dinner time arrived quickly and I was a little light on options. Big Daddy isn't too keen on grocery shopping, and between the deer drama, my computer problems, and a morning migraine...I didn't shop.
I managed to throw together some soup though...I call it ...

Chorizo Bean

1# chorizo sausage
1/2 chopped onion
a handful of fresh, chopped broccoli
a handful of fresh spinach
32oz chicken broth
1-15oz can of beans (I had baby butter beans in the pantry)

I cooked the chorizo for about 10 minutes...
...then transferred it to a paper towel. In a soup pot I added 1tsp. of olive oil,  and the chopped onion and cooked until softened. I stirred in the broccoli, spinach and broth... 

...and let it simmer for a few minutes...then added the sausage and beans...and cooked until heated through...the chorizo is spicy so I didn't need any seasonings...

...and that was it!

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