Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lazy Sunday? I wish..

Can we ever just relax on Sunday?
Big Daddy wants to clean out the garage...this should be a positive, but I know he's going to hose it down...then the excess water will freeze...and then I will fall on the ice. He should have been a firefighter, he likes to water things.
He's already gone to church, read the paper, and had breakfast. I should be grateful for his ambition, but my energy doesn't kick in until much later. So when he's ready for a nap, I'm hoping he'll help me paint something. Never happens. Uh oh, the hose was just brought up from the we go..

I'm trying not to laugh (actually I'm not holding it back), the water is just dribbling out of the hose...

HAHAHAHA comes the ice rink...

I'm trying to decide what color my cast should be...but first I'm wondering how long it will take for this stuff to be brought down to the basement....I'm guessing March..

I just love Sundays..

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