Monday, December 21, 2009

Last Minute Gifts!


We did a little last minute shopping today! Molly, my daughter-to-be Carolyn, and her big sista Pam joined me in a shopping frenzy. It was cold and crowded but we managed to have a wonderful time. We did some damage at the Vera Bradley could we resist those yummy patterns. And everyone there seemed to be in the Holiday spirit...but when I started snapping pictures Molly put on her "My mother is so strange" face, so we left (we paid first).
Speaking of the cold, my youngest son and his beautiful bride are currently honeymooning in the sunny Dominican Republic. We will miss them terribly this Christmas but I have been religiously practicing the art of letting go. Both of my boys are blessed to be loved by such wonderful women and I'm so grateful they've found these two gems. It seems like yesterday they were wiping their noses on their shirt sleeves, well maybe it was yesterday, but I don't have to correct them anymore. They have now come under the supervision of their lovely brides. Yippeee!!
Well I do need to throw together some semblance of a dinner tonight. Although my nest is rather empty, the Big Daddy of the house loves a home cooked meal, and my Italian heritage forbids me to ignore his food needs. Thankfully there is salad in a bag and a roast chicken from the grocery store. Life is good.

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