Monday, April 4, 2016

Hi everyone...'s me, Gracie!

Mom and I just got back from Florida.!
I've never been on a vacation before and I have to tell's so great!!!!
I'm a rescue and I didn't have a very kind life.
When my human (I call her Mom) saw me in my cage I was hoping she would like me.
I watched her walking around the other dogs and I was sure she was going to scoop up
one of the "pretty" ones.

But she didn't!! She picked me!

I was very sick but my Mom took me to the doctor (we went there a lot)
and I started to feel much better.
Did I tell you I'm 12 years old!!?

I've met some great dog friends in Florida!
Riley is my best friend...she's a big dog but she's very kind to me.

She likes treats just as much as I do.

My "brother-from-another-mother" is named Cooper.
He was with us in Florida too.
He likes to stay inside in the air-conditioning.
At first he didn't like me when Mom brought me home,
but now we're pretty good friends!

Irish is a rescue dog too!
He's that cute dachshund in the middle!
He was found walking on a very busy street in Chicago.
Some nice people brought him to a shelter and he was adopted by my daughter
on the same day as Gracie was!

So I just wanted to put the word out....RESCUE DOGS ARE COOL!
They may be a little older than you want, maybe they look a little funny,
or maybe you think you might not love them as much as a puppy.
Just give them a chance!

This girl stole my heart!!

“Dogs, for a reason that can only be described as divine, 
have the ability to forgive, let go of the past, and live each day joyously. 
It’s something the rest of us strive for.” 

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