Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Too early?...

...not for me!

The last few weeks have been ridiculously hot here in Chicago.
Early this morning I noticed a happy change in the air...a cool breeze.
Just enough to feel that Autumn is ready to pounce, and I can't wait!

This is my walking trail. 
If you can dodge the geese it's really very tranquil!

I've posted the last few years about my love of Halloween.
I'll never change my tune.
Thankfully my children share my Halloween bliss, 
and hopefully they'll do my decorating when I'm too old to climb a ladder
...or remember where I've put the ladder.

I've slowly begun to sneak the Halloween decor 
from my scary crawlspace and bring it upstairs...

Unfortunately this house is much smaller than our last home, 
and I've been forced to wake up at odd hours and decorate in my jammies.

But I get it done.

The outdoor decor is a little trickier.

Everyone seems to walk, stop, and say hello.
I love to chat, but I'm a little shamed and worried that people 
may wonder why I'm trying to hide gourds and hay behind my back.

As of yet no one has told me it's too early for pumpkins!
I think I'll be happy here.

Are you decorating yet??

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