Friday, August 15, 2014

Is it Fall yet??

The Chicago weather has been a little cooler than normal lately.
It feels like Fall and that makes me a little sad, even though I love the Autumn season and all it's offerings.
When my children were younger I pouted with them when late August creeped up on us.
Every mother feels some sense of relief when school is approaching,
but I have to admit that my sense of relief was tiny.
I loved having them around.
(Of course that was a long time ago! More than likely I may have forgotten the occasional summer rant when wet towels and empty juice boxes littered the lawn.)

Two of my children are teachers,
So I still shed a tear or two when they go back to their classrooms.
But I do love the Fall weather, and Halloween is a favorite time for me.

I splurged this year at Grandinroad and I ordered these...

Quite a few of my Halloween items have disappeared during the two moves,
and I'm sure they'll show up around I'm happy to have these!!

Be back soon...

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