Thursday, August 8, 2013

Happy August!

Back to school time!!

(Me, 1963)

Ever since the first grade I hated the beginning of August. 
And it wasn't because I didn't want to go back to school.
Oh no.

By this time, the weather wasn't glorious anymore, it was just damn hot.
My friends and I were getting a little catty. 
And the family vacation was over, leaving Mom and Dad bored once again.

School supplies were filling the shelves. I salivated over shiny notebooks and pencils that still had erasers on them.
Yes, I was a nerd good student.
School supplies made me happy. 

(Jerry and Michael 1985)

But when I became a Mom, the anticipation was slightly different.
My children grumbled, the boys mostly.
No one shared my love of three ring binders.

Grammar school, High school, and College brought on different emotions for all of us.

But that's all over.
Sort of.

My oldest daughter and youngest son are teachers.
Maggie leads the little ones, and Michael does an amazing job with the teens. 
Times have changed, yet school remains.
School supplies include electronics, clothing is more important than trapper-keepers, and parents have more involvement.
Encyclopedias are passe and libraries are where kids go after school to play games on their phones.


I'm still nostalgic.
But I'm embracing the changes.


And I admit I'm obsessed with those SMART BOARDS!!

Have a great year!

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