Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fancy Pants...

...I'm not wearing them.
I'm starting to feel slightly underdressed here in my new digs.

I wake up each morning, throw on my sweats, descend twenty something floors, and yank my dogs out the service door.
It's 6 o'clock potty time, and I really don't care what I look like.

My pups were used to walking out the back door and doing their business three feet away...while I sipped my coffee in 
mismatched jammies.
That's not doable here in fancy-pants-land.

It's a long trek to get to the grass, and more than once we've found ourselves sharing an elevator with a snobbish poodle.
We've learned to hang our heads and avoid eye contact.
Very uncomfortable.

But other than the snobbish canines, we're enjoying our new adventure.
Our house is sold, there's no turning back.
I may have to upgrade my morning attire though.
And I suppose I'm going to have to start liking boats...and museums.


  1. Oh, I forgot about Cooper! How's he adapting? We have thought about downsizing as well, but with young little Riley, I would hate to take away his backyard racetrack! Not to mention, like you have said, having to be seen by others for the early morning pee (and give up the luxury of opening the back door!).

  2. Ozzie would never go to far but Cooper would take off!
    And roaming is a no-no down here anyway!
    When did you welcome Riley to the family!?

  3. I'm not sure you will know this, but after Simon passed, we got Miles. Last October when he was 14 months old, one night we were playing fetch with him and his favorite toy. One time when my hubby threw it and he fell over while he was running for it and he died within 10 minutes. It was the most awful night. He was such a vivacious, happy pup. We think it was a stroke or something like that. The next night we went to his breeder and we got Riley. I couldn't bear being in the house without the pitter-patter of little Yorkie feet. He had a couple of tough acts to follow, but he helped us through a very tough time and we love him dearly!