Saturday, July 20, 2013

A little more randomness...

We're gearing up for Mary Clare's birthday party! Can't believe she's ONE!!
She's a sweet, smart, bundle of energy.
I'm guessing she'll be a gymnast, or a doctor, maybe both.

Eleanor isn't interested in slowing down. She's loving her new walking skills.
Eleanor took her Aunt Maggie for a walk in Old Town.
Little E likes to lead.
She stays hydrated by carrying her no-spill sippy cup.
Life is one big ball of fun for these two baby girls.

How about a picture of food carnage?
I apologize. Not sure why I even took the picture.

TWIN ANCHORS in Old Town is amazing.
We've never had ribs this good anywhere.
We ate there after my "move to the city bout of food poisoning"...(Thank you FOX and OBEL)

My tummy was still slightly grumbly but I managed to polish off a rack of ribs.
Maybe it was two racks.
I may be short, but I can eat.
The movie Return to Me was filmed HERE in the mid nineties.
They turned the restaurant into an Irish bar. Glad that was a temporary switch.
If you're close by, you won't be disappointed. Don't wear white.

Happy Weekend!!

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