Friday, November 2, 2012

Welcome November...

Halloween is over. I enjoyed it as always.
Our little Eleanor was the cutest bee ever, and our sweet Mary Clare was a little piggy.
I'm anticipating years of cutesy costumes, hopefully some made by me!

(LawyerBoy 1990)

This costume wasn't easy, but I think all four of my children wore it at least once.
Halloween costumes were my favorite thing to sew. I started asking my kiddos what they wanted to be around June. 
Thankfully, they understood my love of all things Halloween-ish.
But the years flew by and costumes weren't the first thing on a pre-teen's mind.

(TeacherGirl 1998)

It wasn't easy watching my children dress up as bums and steal all our shaving cream.

Thankfully I'm now blessed with grandchildren.
And I'm thinking there's at least a few princess costumes that need to be sewn.

I'll be waiting. 

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