Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!!

(We're having beef)

Tomorrow I'll be cooking up a frenzy for Friday.

We've been celebrating Thanksgiving on Friday for awhile now.
We decided a few years ago to let our children celebrate Thanksgiving with their in-laws.
When our children were young we spent the Holidays rushing around, 
jamming  babies into snowsuits, eating two meals in order to appease each side of our family.

It wasn't fun, and it was hard to feel thankful.

So I'll be cooking up a storm on Thursday evening in order to enjoy our Friday feast.
I'll visit my Mom Thursday afternoon. I'll tell her it's Thanksgiving, and maybe I'll get a smile. 
She loved the Holidays, and no one cooked a turkey like her.
I'm hoping she still remembers some of our past Thanksgiving moments.

I'm positive she hasn't forgotten Thanksgiving 1968 when I turned off the oven because I felt bad for the turkey. 
We ate very late that evening.
But I remember she didn't get mad. 
That's my Mom, a thankful heart full of forgiveness.

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!


  1. Thanksgiving - a condition of the heart, even on a Friday with a plateful of beef! :)

  2. I smiled when I read this post. You're right, the running around from family to family and stuffing ourselves sick so that we hurt no one's feelings....not a good thing. I have always told my girls that it doesn't matter what day it is, it's just the gathering and the bonding that is important. I must make it official like you though, that Thursday can be for their in laws and a different day can be ours.