Wednesday, October 10, 2012


...Pumpkin Poppers!

PINTEREST has pulled me in again. 
It's an addictive web of all things yummy.

Try these, you know you want them. need a mini muffin tin. I had all my ingredients out, only to realize I didn't have a mini tin.
Obviously all the muffins made in my kitchen are jumbo sized.
So I bought the tin, and also the cute leaf place mats you can glimpse in the first picture.
It's silly to go out and buy only one item. Who does that?

You would think that dipping the warm poppers in cinnamon and sugar, 
and licking my fingers would be the highlight of my day.

Oh no.

My sweet granddaughter Mary Clare sent me a beautiful surprise.
I spent last weekend with her and I passed my first babysitting challenge. 
I changed diapers, warmed bottles, and cuddled her for hours!
It was a great weekend.       

And not once did I forget where I put her.

You can get the Pumpkin Popper recipe HERE

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