Monday, October 1, 2012


...bad, very very bad.

I was content with my Blackberry. 
I knew how to work it. I liked the keyboard option.
But my children felt it was time to upgrade, so I did.
And now I'm taking all my pictures with my phone. It's so easy.
And my poor Cannon stays in it's bag, rarely used and very neglected.

Oh well.

I'm all about simple. 
And those Granddaughters of mine move too quickly.
They won't wait for me to focus, they're always in a hurry.

So, my phone rules for now.
And in all honesty, I wasn't very coordinated when it came to my camera.

I was never happy about carrying all that equipment around either.
But I do miss the snazzy camera strap I found on Etsy.

I'm taking more pictures though. 

Especially when my daughters leave me alone in a dressing room.

And that animal print dress isn't mine.
Ten years ago maybe, but that's another post.


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