Tuesday, July 31, 2012

This and That

I haven't been blogging lately.
Truth be told, I wasn't always consistent with my posts.
I think you may have noticed...but I really did try hard!

It was great fun sharing all the weddings, the graduations, and the everyday minutia. 
It was sweet to have people I had never met, share the sorrow of losing my friend Lisa.
I love reading all your blogs. I love staying up past my 54-year-old bedtime, reading all your blogs.
I continue to read them. I've just gotten lazy in creating my own witty barbs.
But soon, I'm going to crank out some awesome posts of my own.
Oh yes I will. Just wait!

Remember my two comedians?

They became daddies of two beautiful girls within three months of each other.
Eleanor Colette was born in April and Mary Clare arrived in July.
Things have changed now that I'm called Grandma.

My sons have done some wonderful things for their mother, 
but the gift of grandchildren beats all those macaroni necklaces!

I'm just too full of baby love, and that's all I want to talk about.
And I know you really don't want to hear it.
So, I'm keeping my enthusiasm to a minimum, at least here.

But, I'm back. 
And believe it or not...all my posts will not be lauding the joys of grandmotherhood.
Some posts may include things that have absolutely nothing to do with the sweet smell of baby love. 
I think I can do it.


  1. And if you can't, I don't mind hearing about the joys of grandmotherhood!! Congratulations!!

    1. Thanks Barb! It's all I think about ; )