Saturday, May 26, 2012

Another chapter ends...

(Freshman Year!)

There are those moments when you ask "Where did the time go?"

And then there are those lightening bolt moments when you really can't believe the time has sped by.

We've enjoyed four years of Notre Dame, and it wasn't always sunshine and rainbows.
Molly worked very hard to get where she is, and she did it on her own.
The funny thing about college is we really had very little control over the last four years.
(This was rather hard for me...I like control)

The football games, the tailgates, and all that pomp and circumstance doesn't mean anything if you lack commitment.
It wasn't easy, but she's never been a slacker!

(That's her!)

Four years flew by in a flash, and we're all sad to see it end.

(I had a few secret sniffles, and I wasn't alone)

(A warm hug from a favorite professor!)

(Molly and Will)

It's time for the next, work, work. The real world.
I have a feeling she's really going to miss the last four years.

I know I will.

"The fireworks begin today.  
Each diploma is a lighted match.  
Each one of you is a fuse."  

~Edward Koch

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  1. Proud parent moment!! Congratulations to your Molly! Lots of wonderful opportunities ahead for her!