Tuesday, March 27, 2012

An unseasonable winter...

...but I'm not complaining!

Everything is blooming too quickly though.
I'm afraid that we'll be a little barren when April arrives and I'll have to double up on the potted blooms!

It's been a little busy lately. 
LawyerBoy and Carolyn are anxiously awaiting their bundle of joy!

And of course I'm anxiously awaiting Grandmotherhood.
Grandma, Grammy, Nana, Gigi...I've heard them all. Not sure what I'll be, but I can hardly wait. 

Yesterday I bought a car seat for my car. It took me two hours to choose.
After grilling a very pregnant, twenty-something shopper at Babies "R" Us, I finally decided which one to buy. 
I think she thought I was a little odd, but I'm getting quite used to the looks.
While baby shopping in Florida I couldn't resist the urge to tell every baby store employee that I was going to be a Grandma. 
I'm sure they never heard that line before. Some smiled, some shot me a quick eye roll.
I didn't care.

Isn't Carolyn adorable? That's her Mom on the right.
(She's the one I may have to fight for baby time...just teasing...sort of) 
This baby is going to have two very devoted Grandmas (and Grandpas too).
Some things may have changed throughout the years when it comes to babies, but I'm sure we Grandmas will catch up.

That's all I've got for now.

Have a beautiful day...and hang those banners!
It's never too early!


  1. You're STILL in FLA!! You lucky duck! So, tell me again, when's the supposed date?

  2. I'm home...and it's been just as hot as Florida!
    Mid April for Carolyn, Mid July for Margaret : )
    How's Miles??