Monday, December 19, 2011

Let the rumpus begin...

LawyerBoy and Carolyn just celebrated their first anniversary!

One year ago, while dancing at their wedding, I thought about becoming a Grandma. 
I wasn't sure which child would be the first to start our next generation. I wasn't sure when this awesome event would occur. 
And I wasn't dreaming of a boy or a girl, or the possibility of both. 
My thoughts simply centered on joy. 

And endless possibilities....and how to keep the big guy off my feet.

Having three of my children find their partners and marry within a two year span was exciting. 
And busy. 
And slightly nerve wracking. 
Looking back, I wish I could relive every moment.
The news of Jerry and Carolyn's pregnancy was exciting! 
A great big hurrah. It topped pretty much everything. 
Like I and endless possibilities.

So, I sit here and count my blessings, and wonder what kind of Grandma I'll be.
I certainly don't want to be the overdressed, only-available-on-Sunday kind of Grandma. 
Nor the "how old are you now and what grade are you in?" kind of Grandma. 

I'll be me.
The jeans clad, somewhat ditzy blonde kind of Grandma.
The "knock-on-you-door-I-was-just-in-the-neighborhood-and-I-have-some-cookies" kind of Grandma.  
I'll be the one that sometimes says the wrong things, but with hope that I'll be forgiven.

I'll be me.
I'll love this child with a huge heart. 
I'll brag, spoil, and occasionally feed it something that isn't organic.

And if I'm not seeing this precious bundle as often as I like, I will be the Grandma that doesn't hesitate 
to drive an hour in city traffic and pretend I was in the neighborhood.

I'll be me. 

And I can't wait.


  1. you will be a wonderful grandma!

  2. Indeed, you will be a wonderful Grandma! My Mama became a Grandma at the ripe ol' age of 42, she loves every bit of it. And she feeds them non organic things all the time, and their Pawpaw gives them sips of Dr. Pepper and M&M's and then sends them home with a giggle. ;) I hear it's a rather grand season of life.

  3. Love your post and can't wait to read how you proceed through grandmotherhood. As a new grandma myself, I must say this new season of life is awesome!