Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My week...

Thanksgiving break for the MollDoll was spent on the couch!
My darling girl is a smart cookie, but she's very last minute, and burning that candle at both ends took a toll on her. 
She came home with a lovely virus that we managed to avoid. 
She rallied on Friday and we enjoyed our second year of Black Friday Game Night. 
I was not allowed to take any pictures, so let me just say, we had a great time...and I'm smarter than I thought I was.
(Except when it comes to naming the stars of the Twilight movies)

On a sad note...
Chicago grieved over the loss of Maggie Daley on Thursday, November 24th.
LawyerBoy was honored to be a piper at her funeral mass. 

The Shannon Rovers were a somber but beautiful presence as they marched to Old St. Pat's Cathedral

She's left behind a legacy that includes the development of After School Matters
a non-profit organization for high school teens. She'll be well remembered.

My holiday decorating is almost complete. 
I have loads of enthusiasm for the season, but I'm not fond of climbing ladders anymore.

I'm also in the process of sewing six cow costumes for TeacherGirl's class.
These hands aren't what they used to be, so I'm moving slow.
Very slow.

And just in case I've given you the impression that my children are mature, serious adults, 
let me leave you with my son's contribution to my holiday decor...

I'm so proud.


  1. I love that tree! Even with your son's touch :) Sorry MollDoll is sick!

  2. Your decorations are beautiful! So glad you had a great time with family. :)