Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Anything Autumn

I thought I'd link up with Jenny today for her AUTUMN COLORS linky!

Just a picture I took on our pumpkin patch adventure.
I was quite fond of the orange, acne riddled, gourd. 
I was worried no one would find him attractive like I did, so I paid $5 for him to come home with me.

Unfortunately after one week on my front porch Mr. Oogly morphed into a puddle of orange, mushy chunks. 
So not pretty. 

Happy Autumn!

If you'd like to link up with Jenny and post something Autumn just click HERE 
It can be a story, a picture, a recipe, a craft, just about anything.
It doesn't even have to be pretty...and you might win a prize!


  1. Perfect fall picture!

    Sorry Mr. Oogly didn't hold up. But at least he lived out his last days in a loving home. ;)

  2. I finally bought a pumpkin to bring home...just one. Have a great week!

  3. What a sad pumpkin. What a shame it didn't last until Halloween.

  4. Loved Diane's comment "at least he lived out his last days in a loving home"!!

  5. Great Photo! Oogly is my fave TOO!

  6. JDaniel picked a warty pumpkin out this year! It really looks wonderful beside his smooth skinned siblings.

  7. Sorry about the mushy chunks - he looks so smart here.

  8. Oh I know it! I had to used bleach to get rid of one of my Mr. Pumpkins that got buried under the snow and left to rot and melt far to long once winter finally slipped out! Nice colors in this photo though! They are at their best right now!

  9. What a cool symphony of color! I like all those varieties! Too bad about the puddle of mush.

  10. The demented part of me wishes you posted a picture of the gourd after it turned!

    I need help!

  11. So funny ... I wanted to take a picture of the mushy mess, but the hubby cleaned it up before I could find my camera! Too bad he's not so quick in picking up socks!!

  12. What a lovely pumpkin :o) Aw, sorry to hear that it was a short time at your nest for Mr. Oogly. And had to chuckle about your hubby cleaning up before you could take a pic!

    I had to stop and see what "Feathering an Empty Nest" was about :o) We are empty nesters and wish out little chickadees were at least living in the same state! (I have been absent from my blog reading and need to get back in the groove with Ms. Jenny's class! :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!

  13. Mary Elizabeth! I'm with you! I always love a 'Charlie Brown' pumpkin!

    Your description made me laugh!

    Thanks for a lovely link to Autumn!