Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dog Days...

The newlyweds have returned from Paradise.
I was so happy to see them, and I was very happy to get my camera back too!
While they were gone I was slightly obsessed with my Cricut machine.

(Just in case someone doesn't know that these are flip flops)

We spent yesterday with the newlyweds (I love saying that word), and they shared quite a few pics with us.
BigDaddy and I were lucky to have visited Hawaii several times. It's not a place you tire of. I still dream about it. 
TeacherGirl is already missing her morning guava juice, it seems Tropicana isn't good enough anymore for my little darling. Poor baby.

They had a wonderful time, but the real world has a way of  sneaking in. 
Bryan is back at work and TeacherGirl is sifting through her wedding gifts, and writing thank you notes. 
I remember writing those!! It took forever!!
Soon she'll be setting up her new classroom for a brand new school year. 

Summer is always too short, whether you're a teacher, student, or parent.

I've been missing Lisa quite a bit lately.
There's been too many moments that I wanted to share with her. 
She was so much like me, and the realization that I'll never hear her voice isn't something I'm accepting well. 
I seem to waver between sad and angry.
Today is sad.


Since this post is labeled Dog Days, I should probably mention my furry monsters babies.

Cooper still thinks he's a water dog. Sprinklers and hoses make him crazy.
He's spent most of this summer wet, matted, and smelling like grass.
He's been trying his hardest to get at my new water decoration.
Isn't she cute!?

(I should never go to Lowes)

Ozzie is content to chew rawhide and sleep. He's my kind of dog (except I'm chewing Oreos). 
I seem to be binging now that the wedding is over and I don't need to fit into my dress. 
Did I mention that I loved my dress??
I'd like to try it on again, but I'm afraid it won't zip up...too many Oreos. 

I'm heading to my favorite hospital this Friday for some tests. 
I'll probably have surgery the following week. 
Summer is never without some form of health drama at our house!
But I'll get through it.

Keep cool my bloggy friends!

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  1. Love your flip flop bucket and your pups are so cute. I hope that you get a clean bill of health and will not need surgery!

    Susan and Bentley