Thursday, May 5, 2011

About the weather...

I'm a little disappointed in the weather. So is Cooper.
I know we're not known for sunny skies and warm breezes here, but these past few days can only be 
described as yucksville.

There's way too much napping going on. 
Cooper and Ozzie are curling up and napping all day, and their Mama is doing the same. 
I've caught up on my magazine reading, the ironing is done, and I'm itching for a long walk under a sunny sky.

At least things are blooming...slowly, but blooming nonetheless.
It's been a long winter and I'm a tad tired of wearing a coat.

C'mon Spring...we're waiting.
All of us.

"Chicago is an October sort of city even in Spring"

~Nelson Algren


  1. same here today! its sunny and I thought warm till I opened the door to go outside. I came in - changed my shirt and put socks on! yesterday I had the heat on for 1/2 hour just to get the chill out.

  2. I remember when I moved to Chicago many moons ago in the month of June (actually toward the end of June), I thought I entered the twilight zone. I was nicely tanned and had been swimming in pools and wearing shorts and sleeveless tanks for over a month when all of the sudden, BOOM, I was thrown back about 3-4 months into wearing sweaters, pants and socks. The only month I remember resembling a southern summer was August. And even then I couldn't put my toe in Lake Michigan without it throbbing.

  3. Well luckily it has arrived here in the UK in all its glory.