Friday, April 8, 2011

My Daughter/Myself...

Can I still call her Freckles?

I took this picture a few months ago when we started the search for the perfect dress. 
I remember thinking we have plenty of time, no need to rush, everything's under control...
...and then I blinked and it's today.

She did find the perfect dress. 

I'm mailing the invitations, planning the shower, and trying hard to pretend I'm oh so organized. 
But the pesky curve balls keep on flying. Sadness and joy have been duking it out in my head...not pretty.  
I'm grateful that today Joy seems to be winning

And I'm doing my best to bask in it.


  1. love both shots especially the one with her reflection in the background! take advantage of the joy and keep it for a while! :-)

  2. Beautiful photos. I have my own "Freckles" but she'd kill me if I called her that! Focus on that joy!